Stainless Steel Suction Lysimeter

The strongest and most durable lysimeter in the world. Our welded stainless steel construction is ideal for pore water collection and is suitable for both organic and inorganic transport studies.


Lysimeters can be installed in above ground boxes or at great depths. All welded 316 stainless steel and porous stainless steel construction eliminates glue or plastics which can break down over time. Will not adhere to organics and most inorganics.

Suction lysimeters collect pore water from unsaturated soil. A constant vacuum source draws pore water into the lysimeter through a porous, stainless steel membrane. Pore water samples are brought to the surface by applying vacuum or pressure. Suction Lysimeters are most suitable in moist soil (tension less than 500 mbar) and can also be installed below the water table.


Finding the right model for your project depends on how deep you are installing


All welded 304 stainless steel construction.

No glue or plastics.

Suitable for organics and most inorganics.

Strong and durable.

Suitable for installation at great depths.

600 mbar bubbling pressure.

Optional battery powered vacuum pump (SW-073).

SS Unions
SS Unions TB-076
Tubing TB-072
Tube Clamp
Tube Clamp TB-074
Neoprene Tubing
Neoprene Tubing TB-073
Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump SW-073
Hand Pump
Hand Pump TB-075
Foot Pump
Foot Pump TB-076