Digital Manometer

Quick and easy vacuum and pressure measurement.


For many laboratory and field studies precise knowledge of the vacuum or pressure is essential. Use of traditional mercury manometers for such studies is often no longer allowed, while use of water manometers is inconvenient for most laboratory and field applications.

The digital manometer shown is a handy, low cost meter to measure vacuum and pressure in the field and in the laboratory. The meter can be set to measure pressure and vacuum in 11 modes, from mm Hg to mbar or cm H2O.


Press the top left button to turn the unit on. The meter will shut off automatically approximately 20 minutes after every power on.

Press the button with the lightbulb, and the backlight is on for about 20 seconds.

Measurement units are set by pressing: UNIT.

To zero the display, disconnect the pressure/ vacuum lines, and then press HOLD for 3 seconds.


7 x 18 x 3 cm


142 g


4-digit LCD


1 mbar or 1 cm H2O


bar, mm Hg, psi, kPa, in Hg

Measurement units

-15 psi to 15 psi -1034 mbar to 1034 mbar -103 kPa to 134 kPa