Flow Cells Support

Frequently asked questions:




Question 1: How much pressure can I apply to the flow cells?




The flow cells are designed for pressures up to 1 bar. However, the porous membrane has a bubbling pressure less than 1 bar, so the flow cell will start leaking if subjected to air pressures of 1 bar or more.




Question 2: Can other membranes be used in the flow cell?




Yes, they can be used if they are relatively thin (less than 0.2 mm thick).




Question 3: I took soil samples (undisturbed) in metal rings, which have a different outside diameter than standard flow cells. Can I use the SMS flow cells for these cores?




If many flow cells are required, SMS can make special flow cells to fit the non-standard cores.


An alternate approach would be to place the non-standard cores inside larger flow cells, which are long and wide enough to accommodate the cores. This works well for determining water retention data.




Question 4: Are tubing connectors provided for the outlets in the top and bottom end plates?




Tubing connectors may be ordered with the flow cells. They can be screwed into the outlets, which are standard 1/8 inch NPT, or 1/4 inch NPT (National Pipe Thread) threaded outlets. Quick release connectors are recommended for hydraulic property determinations. They are especially useful when determining soil water retention (soil water release curves) curves. These connectors fit directly into the 1/8 or 1/4 inch NPT outlets of the flow cells.




Question 5: Can tensiometers be used with the flow cells?




Yes, tensiometers can readily be used. When ordering the flow cells, specify the number of access ports and tensiometers required, as well as the desired placement of the access ports in the flow cell wall (i.e. 7 cm from the top of the flow cell, 15 cm from the top of the flow cell, etc.). SMS column tensiometers may be ordered with a three-way valve to make it easy to fill the tensiometers with water, to readily remove all air from the tensiometers, and to attach the pressure transducers.




Question 6: Can I order flow cells with more than one inlet/outlet in the top and/or the bottom of the flow cells?




Yes, extra holes, either threaded or straight, in the top and bottom can be ordered.




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