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Soil Measurement Systems (SMS) was founded in 1984 by Dr. Peter and Annemarie Wierenga. Dr. Wierenga received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Agricultural University Wageningen, The Netherlands, and his doctorate in Water Relations from the University of California at Davis. He has been involved in research and teaching at New Mexico State University and the University of Arizona. His research interests are in Soil Physics, Vadose Zone Hydrology, Contaminant Transport, and Soil Plant Water Relationships.


SMS is developing and/or marketing innovative instruments for use in studies of soil and groundwater, and the vadose zone. The main focus is on instruments for determining hydraulic properties (tension infiltrometer, flow cells), soil density (penetrometer), solute transport properties (column leaching apparatus), vadose zone and ground water sampling (lysimeters), and water management (tensiometers, tensimeter).


SMS instruments are being used in many countries of the world, including countries in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Australia. Universities and Government Agencies are the main clients, but private consultants increasingly used our instruments.


SMS equipment has been used in many studies and is featured in several peer refereed journal articles. With the major product descriptions we have listed some references that referred specifically to SMS equipment. The lists are short because we did not perform an exhaustive search for articles in which our equipment was used. In addition many researchers do not list the manufacturer of the equipment use in their studies.


SMS welcomes feedback from those who have used our instruments. In particular, we would like to get literature citations and, if available, copies of papers and reports referring to SMS instruments.




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